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Instructions for setting up your own wikispace


1.   Go to

2.   Click on “get started” and follow the instructions to create the wikispace. Choose your privacy options carefully. A public wiki is easier to manage but the whole world can see and edit the wiki. A protected wiki can only be edited by certain people but you need to mange who has editing rights. A private wiki is the safest option but there is a cost involved.

3.   Once your wiki is crated you can add text by clicking on the “edit” button.

4.   For a whole class activity it works best if the students work in group and each group is in charge of working on a particular page of the wiki initially, then they edit each other’s work. To set this up you need to break up the task into a number of components and put each component on a different page. Eg: 10 questions with each question on a separate page. To create a new page:
- Make sure you have clicked on “edit” to edit the page.
- Select (highlight) the text you want to link the new page to.
- Click on the “link” symbol (looks like a chain link). Select the default option (wiki link), and click on “add link”.
- Click on save.
- The text that you linked the new page to should now be underlined. When you click on it you will be taken to the new page. The new page can be edited as previously, by clicking on the word “edit”.

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