Integrating ICT in Science

Using Google docs in Science


What is a Google doc?



Have a go at editing a Google doc.

This is a sample Google doc. Open it and have a go at editing it. Note: it can be opened by more than one person but only one person can make changes at a time.

Setting up a Google doc.

1. You need to have a gmail account to create a google doc.To set one up click here.

2. Follow the instructions in this document:. Using Googledocs.docx (100,7 kB)

Examples of uses in the Science classroom:

  • Use a Googledoc spreadsheet to share experiment results.
  • Use a Googledoc word document for a group of students to collaborate on a lab report.
  • Instead of using butcher's paper for group work get each group to write their answers in a word document, then cut and paste into a Googledoc. The Googledoc can be displayed for the whole class to see.
  • To share research (each group or each student can be asked to look up a particular piece of information and the research can be shared in a Google doc).

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