Integrating ICT in Science

Other web 2.0 tools

 Extra normal

This is a web 2.0 tool that converts a written dialogue into a cartoon. Students type in the text and choose the characters. Xtranormal does the rest!


This great web 2.0 tool allows you and your students to create on-line games, graphic organisers etc.. 

This is an example of game created with classtool:


Click here for full screen version


Ning is a social networking site, although it can also be used as a place to share digital resources with your students if your school does not have Moodle or another e-learning management platform.

Link to Pascale's Patterns in Nature Ning



Webspiration is the web 2.0 version of inspiration. It does many of the things Inspiration does but there is no need to install the software on your students' machines.  


Quia lets teachers create on-line quizzes, self marking cloze passages, matching exercises and other on-line activities with a minium of fuss. There is a small yearly subscription fee although you can set up a free 30 day account to give it a try.

Link to Pascale's Quia activities.



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